Eoin Morgan Not Happy With The Way Of Winning World Cup, Calls It 'Unfair'

England captain Eoin Morgan admitted that he is troubled with the way the 2019 World Cup ended

The grand finalé of ICC World Cup 2019 turned out to be the best-ever decider in the history of the game. Both the teams scored the same amount of runs at every stage but England were crowned as the champions on the basis of superior boundary count.

This particular ICC rule raised a number of questions and the cricket pundits suggested that the trophy should have been shared.

Days after winning the maiden title, England captain Eoin Morgan admitted that he is troubled with the way the 2019 World Cup ended.

“I don't think it's fair to have a result like that when there's very little between the sides,” Morgan told The Times. “I don't think there was one moment that you could say: ‘That actually cost the game there.’ It was quite balanced.”

Morgan is normally known for his clear-headed approach and has been credited with leading a sea change in England's attitude towards white-ball cricket but even he admitted that he is struggling to make sense of what happened in the final.

“I'm black and white. I'm normally going: 'I know. I was there, that happened.' (But) I can't stick my finger on where the game was won and lost. I'm not sure winning it makes it any easier. It would be more difficult to lose, of course,” he said.

“There's no defining moment that you'd say: 'Yes, we thoroughly deserved it.' It's just been crazy.”

The match ebbed and flowed and there were times when one side looked as likely to win the game as the other. Morgan said that he has been speaking to Williamson, with whom he has played on a number of occasions in the Indian Premier League, about the game.

“I spoke to Kane over the last couple of days on numerous occasions and none of us has come up with a rational explanation as to the various times we gave them the game and they gave it back to us. Like me, he can't get his head around everything,” he said.